3 Myths About Schizophrenia

The only thing to fear is fear itself


images-2Clayton’s parents loved him and wanted his best, but, in their desire to do this, they sent him the message that he had to be careful about his friend, Roger, because he acted strange.


To Clayton’s credit, though, he continued to be Roger’s friend, and his parents, too, were proved correct:  Roger was strange and years later was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Being correct was/is good, but when it comes at the expense of needlessly pushing others, we need to re-evaluate what we are trying to accomplish…

3 Myths about Schizophrenia

  • People who have schizophrenia can not lead a normal life
  • People with schizophrenia will most likely commit crimes
  • People who have schizophrenia will manifest their symptoms exactly the same way.

 3 Myths Debunked


Truthfulness Trumps Fear

Myths breed on ignorance and fear.  Truthfulness, though, will, over time, eradicate such myths by bringing the truth seeker face to face with the individuals who have schizophrenia.  Each person –each story- will punch more holes in the stereotypes that have arisen due to gross generalizations.

Remember that if you see one person who has schizophrenia, then you have seen –only ONE person.


Let me know about the people you meet!


Blessings in your journey,



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