Beyond Suffering Workshop

imagesA couple of Saturday’s ago, I took the opportunity to attend a full day seminar called ‘Beyond Suffering”

There are several  things I learned that I want to pass along:


First, we in the church will begin to empower those with disabilities when we move beyond serving them, towards serving with them.

This not only acknowledges their gifts, but releases us from the mindset of seeing ourselves as caregivers.

Second, a quote from Mike Yaconelli, from his book Dangerous Wonder.  (I find it very humbling too):

“God’s grace is ridiculously inclusive.  Apparently God doesn’t care who He loves.  He is not very careful about the people He calls His friends or the people He call his church.”


Third, we need to work towards removing the “us/them” mentality.

There really is only one class of people:  human beings


This workshop was a condensed version of their multi-week course, but it was a powerful way to rub shoulders with others involved in disability ministry.

If you know of a person with disabilities, consider these three insights that I just mentioned and see how it help you and others to become more aware of how the church’s can build better bridges to those who have disabilities.


Blessings in your journey







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