What Do I Want to Do with My Life Test


 what do I do with my life testThis is only a test. If it were the real thing you would have been given instructions.

For too many years, I bounced around from one occupation to another.  Though I was always gainfully employed, I did not always like my work.   I made the best of situations, always looking at what I could learn from a job or learn about myself, but the employment I had did not make me sing much.   Ever been there?

Sound Advice

My mom gave me some good advise, though.  She told me that ‘life happens when you are making plans”.  Eventually, I understood, and it culminated in my current work with those who are disabled. Yeah!

Recently, I read the book, Poke the Box, but Seth Godin, where he prodded me even more to look at the difference I want to make in this life.  His basic premise is to take the initiative to do something, and not just wait for an invitation to take the next step.  I can only imagine one too many people who are waiting for something to happen to them, instead of taking making something happen.

So how does all that fit into my work with those who are disabled?  (Glad you asked images (1))


Looking Inward

The main thing was I began to look inward at who I was and what made me energized. (Prior, I was looking at the jobs that were trending, or looking at how my interests might just be force-fitted to make a career work better for me).   Another book that I read that immensely helped me was What Color is Your Parachute, which is a self analytical book that assists the reader by narrowing down all their interests towards a niche in which he would both enjoy and do well in.

Not only has this culminated in my doing work that I love, but this work that I love is more like a passion for me in that I have to do it.  And that is sweet…really:   I am driven by both my love and need to work with those who are disabled.  Or, put another way,  I need to work in this area because I love it.

So, a real big take away is that this passion is not confined to a J-O-B.  Yeah…again!


Celebrating Outward

The real good news is that YOU, ALSO, CAN FIND MEANINGFUL WORK.  I believe this with my whole being, and it stems from my belief that we were created by a loving God ON PURPOSE to HAVE PURPOSE.

You have something to offer this world that no one else can duplicate.  Your personality is unique and it is that uniques that this world needs to have.  And I can guarentee it, that when you find what make you YOU, you will not want to just have a J-O-B because your life will be enriched.  It will become so much more technicolored!

If this sounds interesting, but impossible, contact me.  What do you have to loose?

Again, let me refer back to the book, Poke the Box:  you really don’t need to wait for permission to start.  Begin to uncover your uniqueness now.

You were created to pass the ‘life test’ with flying colors.  Don’t sweat, just begin today.


I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139:14 New American Standard


Blessings on your journey


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