Inspirational Stories of Success

Read about some pretty awesome individual:

  • Born without legs, Lu Li,  aged 30, is now living his dream of becoming an acrobat. He is a street performer whose acrobatic stunts glean him an income sufficient to support himself.
  • A carpenter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Sintayehu Tishale  works so handily with tools that you’d never guess he made his stylish tables and chairs with his feet.
  • A blind schoolgirl, Alexia ,who is fluent in four languages has become the youngest interpreter to work at the European Parliament – at the age of ten.A person with schizophrenia,  Janice  has successfully accomplished work as an Engineering and Technical Documentation Editor for over 20 years


  • Why is it that people with disabilities can actually do things when others tell them they can not?
  • Why is it that we are more inclined to hear stories of woe and misfortune and horror when we talk about people with disabilities?
  • Why has the entire disability culture been given a bum rap, as a whole, even when we can read countless stories, some of these like the above, to counter such claims?
  • Why is it that we, the people, want to play God, as evidenced by our using and allowing others to use stereotypes and stigmas to cast a cloud over those with disability, when we are all equal?
  • Why do we go through great lengths to make laws to give people with disabilities special rights when we, ourselves, fail miserably in giving them basic respect?

I will continue addressing such concerns as these as I continually show that we not only are doing a great disservice to those people who have disability by not noting such accomplishments that erode the stigmas on disabilities, but we are equally doing ourselves a great disservice when we fail to connect with such individuals in order to learn their ‘secret’ of inspiration and of motivation so that our very lives can be enriched

Let me know of your stories!