baqircamp7Let me tell you a story of one of God’s miracles that I have heard about as I work in the field of disabilities.

Jose is one of the kindest persons you could ever know. He always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and is willing to give you the shirt off his back if you need help.  Also, Jose has a condition known as psychomotor agitation, which, basically means that he can’t sit still or focus for any length of time…usually.

One day, about 5 years ago, Jose’s niece brought in her baby girl, and allowed her uncle to hold her.  (Now that was a trusting gesture for sure:  first child about to be held by an uncle who is in constant motion.  I am holding my breath, hoping for the best, but waiting for her to be dropped!)

Anyway, the moment that little girl gets into his arms, he calms right down.  I mean, he is transformed for a good several minutes, which for Jose is comparable to someone holding still in an MRI tube for several hours!

Here is the take away for me:

  • Sometimes the simple things in life can do more to help a person than the best medicines or therapies
  • Expect the best because God is involved.

Often times, the number one thing that best helps people is other people being there for them, believing in them beyond the visible/invisible disability.

We all can only wonder what powerful stories are yet to be uncovered among those with disabilities!


Blessings on your journey










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