Life Has a Mind of its Own

FutureI so remember my mother telling me that ‘life happens when you are making plans’, and though she was not the first to say this, the wisdom from her lips is powerful, and here is why…


I am a planner by nature, as I know that some of you are too!  Give me something to do and I can, pretty much, take that single item and create multiple sub categories for it, put it into an excel worksheet, create a time flow diagram for it, and…even add color to it all.

But, this gift of mine has a draw back, namely, I find it hard to pull the trigger, per se.  I find it hard to move ahead with the PLAN.  Ugh.  (If you are like me, I just know that you understand images (1))

So, as I have taken time to just see what has been happening around me as I make plans, I am amazed.  Sometimes, I am point on with my plans, and at other times…well, I only created some very colorful worksheets.

What might happen, though, when I (and you)  better sync those plans with life!

For one thing, there will be a whole lot more contentment and joy for us.  It truly is a powerful moment when we ‘connect’ with life.  And, I don’t really think that these times of connections with Life are meant to be random, or infrequent, and here is why, from God’s Word

Delight yourself in the Lord;
And He will give you the desires of your heart.


In order to ‘delight’, we will need to spend time in God’s word, not ‘just reading’ it, but reflecting upon it to see how it applies to you in your situation.  And, I just don’t think living in that zone would be anything less than content and joyful images.


If you are having trouble with this, let me know.  I can help.



Blessings on your Journey





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