Living My Dream

imagesBack in November, and, then, just two weeks ago, I had opportunity to live out my dream a bit more when I preached at the Lake Sunapee Baptist Church in Sunapee, NH on the message on disabilities and the church.

This church is just another glimmer of hope for those with disabilities as it is better preparing herself to welcome into its fellowship those with disabilities.

I think that when the church begins to see people with disabilities as people first and foremost, then the church will be better able to view these folks as individuals whom God has gifted “for the common good” as INDISPENSABLE to the body of Christ.

When we, as the church, begin to get past that “elephant in the room”, aka, the disability, we will start to catch a truer meaning of what the body of Christ is all about.

When we, as the church, step through the stickiness of the theology of suffering, to see that EVEN IN THE MIDST OF SUFFERINGS gifts are still manifested, we will begin to appreciate the strengths of each person in the body of Christ.

Yes, the problems that come about because of disabilities are real and must be addressed, but let’s do so in the context of the much bigger picture of God’s redemptive plan: Salvation in Christ through faith.  Let’s let God help us work out the specifics on being more inclusive towards those with disabilities as we keep our focus on that bigger picture.

So, what is keeping you, my friend, from helping your own church discover God’s heart for the disabled?

Let go.  Let God.  Be obedient.  Step out in faith.

Blessings on your journey



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