Overcoming Anxiety: first steps

imagesThough everyone of is gets stressed, when that stress becomes unmanageable, disrupting our daily functioning, then we might just want to talk with a mental health professional because overcoming anxiety IS possible!

Almost 30% of adults in the US have some type of anxiety disorder, and only a few of this number seek help

Sad….given the reality that there are effective strategies to overcoming anxiety

Let me tell you about a school friend of mine, Martha.  She was a sweet girl, who had a great sense of humor.  But, along with that humor came a walloping amount of anxiousness.  Try as  we might to help her to relax with her upcoming exams, she could not sit down for very long before getting up and beginning, again, talking about her concern for the test.  Years later we learned that….…it is too simplistic to tell someone with an anxiety disorder to become calm because they find it, at least, difficult, if not impossible without some sort of intervention.

The reason behind this is because mental illness’ roots are multi-faceted:  genetics, environment, biological factors can easily play into a person’s mental health status, and each one of these components needs to be addressed in a different manner because sooner or later this person will begin manifesting unpleasant emotional and physical symptoms, such a feelings of apprehension and headaches.

There are effective strategies to help relieve an anxiety disorder are medications (again, I point you to a mental health care professional), therapies, and support groups, but none of them work…unless the person needing help seeks it.

If you are a sufferer, will you allow whatever stigma that is attached to seeking out a mental health care professional to stop you?  If you are hesitant, give me your reasons, and let’s see if I could sway you to reconsider.

Here is just one bit of motivation:  Consider what you would do if your life would be a bit more calm, less stressful, and better focused throughout the day?

Having gone to some NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) events, I would suggest that this might be a place to start in seeking assistance.

You are worth the time and the resources to start living life more abundantly!


Blessings on your journey!




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