Are You Still Vested?

imagesAre you still vested in your hopes and dreams for you life?  I know it is hard at some times to press on, but consider that part of the reason for your struggle is because these are your dreams, and unless you take the initiative to move ahead NO ONE will help you BECAUSE no one will know how.


That can be empowering if you think about it. For instance, there was a time in my life that I was reasonably content to live with my speech impediment because I had a sister who understood me and a family who loved me. But, as the years went along, this simply wasn’t not good enough.  I became restless, wanting more because I wanted others to understand me without my big sis “running ‘interference for me, yet, it was hard…real hard:  going to speech therapy while still being ridiculed for talking ‘funny’.  Though and option for me was to just socially isolate to avoid interactions with others, I wanted more and so I pressed through.


And, you can too.  Regardless of the struggle, once you press in and press through you will be energized even more to continue to excel in your life pursuits.


So, here are some practical ways to keep vested in your dreams:

  1. 1.  Find someone to support you, someone who will help you stay focused, especially when you are wavering in your focus.
  2. 2.  Do something.  Regardless how seemingly small, do something beneficial for yourself or others in order to reaffirm that regardless of ‘how you feel’, you are still important.
  3. 3.  Look at your goal frequently.  This will be some good reflection time for you to realize the validity of your goal, while helping you hone it.

My friend, God is vested in your life; is there anything that is holding you back?

Faithful is He who calls you,

and He also will bring it to pass.

1 Thessalonians 5:24 New American Standard Bible


Blessings on your journey




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