Your Personal Values of Faith are Important as a Caregiver

“Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does.”

personal values of faithPersonal values are important, but…

The person who tells you that he is kind to all, then who quickly turns around in the check out line to give a piece of his mind to that mother who can’t control her kid as he pushed the cart into his ankles…is just one of many examples of the unnecessary stress we have because our lifestyles don’t mirror our beliefs.

While it may be natural to say, we all do it, it becomes a big problem when you are a caregiver trying to assist your clients towards better lifestyles.  In my previous post, I gave the example of a group advocating for their clients to define their own goals, but with the unspoken caveat of as long as it is ‘doing it my way’.

So, just how is your value system influencing those people in your charge?

Having a Speech Impediment can be Overcome

Speech impediment don’t need to ruin your life.  Maybe you are not a rapper, but I think you will be inspired by this video.

I can relate to Jake.  I can remember back in school when I had problems with stuttering.  I became so embarrassed struggling with my own severe speech impediment:  How I struggled to get my words out.  Talk about getting red in the face!  That was me.

Helping Caregivers Care

Helping Caregivers CareAs a caregiver you daily enter into the sufferings of others because you have a helping nature.

You are wired to do this, and to do anything else would not be fulfilling because this is your passion, your calling, your life’s work. But…

Consider the Lily

Recently, I hosted an awesome webinar on 3 Steps to Successful Living.  I say ‘awesome’ because I think I nailed it in terms of distilling the important facets to living well.

Today I want to discuss the first facet: FocusConsider the Lily:  a picture of two lilies

In preparation for this my mind went to the Sermon on the Mount, and Jesus’ statement about the lilies.  You and I get too stressed out about things that don’t really matter, and walk without care over those things that do matter.  We have it backwards.

3 Steps to Living Successfully

Here is my webinar.  Let me know what you think about it.

3 Steps to Living Successfully

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Taking Charge

Something that I have learned to apply to my life is W.R.A.P.   Now this is a term that is, at least, used in Mental Health circles, and it stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan.  Dr. Mary Ellen Copeland developed it and now it is being used worldwide.  I love the basis of this and have used it many times with various people.  It is powerful

It is not magical.

It will not simply work by way of osmosis.

You will need to spend time working on W.R.A.P.

If you have a friend who would benefit from this, go tell him.  You too can benefit from this.

The Six Most Powerful Words

If I was in your shoes can be the 6 most powerful words to use to begin to help another person through a difficult time.

The Six Most Powerful WordsA Problem Diffused

One day Gary began to talk with me about a struggle that he kept thinking about.  Now, Gary had some mental health concerns, and shortly after he began, he became visibly agitated, and was getting close to yelling.  After I was able to get his attention focused better on me, I said to him in a calming voice, “Gary, if I were in your shoes I would feel the same way”.

The Abundant Life: One Step at a Time

 Life is Good

I am continually amazed how some people only see negativity when this world is overflowing with promise and opportunity!

In spite of these hardships, there remains an underlying current of wholesomeness.   Jesus Christ calls this the abundant life: a life that recognizes God’s abiding presence and upward calling/passion regardless of the picture

Though not everyone will agree with my Christian faith position,  I will share with you via this site the joys I find in working with those who are disabled.

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Wholeness  evidenced in the Brokenness of the Disabled Community
Did you know that success is composed of 85% of dealing with individuals.  It is ironic, at best, that some people strive for fame and fortune without understanding this!

So why is it that too many people look down on those with disabilities, seeing them as second class, when their very road to success (may I say ‘joy in living’?) depends on such relationships?

If your perspective towards disabilities is like this, this site will definitely give you a healthier view of the world of disabilities!

If you are disabled and struggling because of your life circumstance, this site will help you too as I have many uplifting stories about people who have/are overcoming disabilities.  In fact, I will go so far as to tell you that having a disability creates another opportunity for you to rise above the stigma that society places upon him as ‘broken’.

You really can rise above your brokenness, whether it is a disability or a faulty perspective towards the disabled!

Hope you stay around!